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Be a part of Moving Lives Forward

Pledge your donation

We are happy to accept general cash donations. Your contribution will go towards projects focused on food security and enterprise development. You can also select a project that is close to your heart.

Product for Purpose

Product for Purpose is an initiative created to contribute resources to the people of the Fresh Produce Industry and beyond. We request in-kind donations and items as a means to support our beneficiaries.

Donate a service

Your skills contribution is an invaluable asset to the Mike Loutfie Foundation, and we encourage you to volunteer your expert skills and/or professional product and/or programme to our operational activities.


Make us your charity of choice when you are setting your personal bests… run, walk, cycle, swim, climb mountains and donate the proceeds to one of our projects.

Encourage your friends to contribute to our projects on your birthday or anniversary, instead of buying you a gift.

Join us at the heart of the Fresh Produce Industry

Be a part of our movement in Moving Lives Forward by contributing to our meaningful projects that are making an impact at the heart of the Fresh Produce Industry. 

Assist us in our efforts so that we may continue to uplift, grow and develop the people of the Fresh Produce Industry and beyond.

As a means of Moving Lives Forward – The Mike Loutfie Foundation creates and develops opportunities in collaboration with our donors, partners and beneficiaries to inspire greater sustainability from within our communities, as well as personal development opportunities for individuals through practical skills training and mentorship.

Our community initiatives and enterprise development projects include exciting projects that contribute towards establishing food security in impoverished communities and supporting enterprise through entrepreneurship programmes.

Be a part of Moving Lives Forward

Join our movement by contributing through one or more of our options:

  • Pledge your donation and your cash contribution will be allocated to our various projects
  • Our Product for Purpose initiative needs your in-kind items for our beneficiaries as well as items to contribute towards our projects
  • We need your expert skills, so volunteer your time or passion
  • Fundraise for us by making us your charity of choice and encourage your friends and family to contribute to our projects, instead of buying gifts on special occasions

Find out more about our projects:

  • Fresh Zone
  • Product for Purpose
  • Recycling Project

We’ve made it easy for you to get involved:

  • Pledge your donation
  • Product for Purpose in-kind donations are received at RSA Group offices nationally, or we will collect if nearby
  • Subscribe to our newsletter and read about who we support, what we love and how you can help us
  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram
  • Contact us

Tax benefit

Pledge your donation to the Mike Loutfie Foundation and your company will receive the benefit of a section 18A tax certificate.

The Mike Loutfie Foundation is a registered public benefit organisation (PBO) in terms of section 30 of the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962; therefore, donations to the organisation are exempt from donations tax in terms of section 56(1)(h) of the Act. Section 18A(1) of the Act provides for a deduction in terms of donations made in the form of cash or certain types of assets, inter alia, to PBOs approved under section 30(1), provided that the donor is in possession of a valid receipt and that the donation does not exceed 10% of taxable income.

Donations that are allowed and for which the Mike Loutfie Foundation can issue a section 18A certificate are those that comply with the following:

  • Donations need to be unencumbered (unconditional) to further the objectives of the Mike Loutfie Foundation.
  • There must be no contractual obligations that need to be fulfilled and no deliverables to be met in return for the donation.
  • The Mike Loutfie Foundation must be free to use its discretion as to how the donation will be used.

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